If you’re a foodie and the local delicacies take your fancy, then get ready to plan your visit to Madeira and look for the perfect accommodation for your trip here

But before you go, it’s definitely worth planning what food you want to try, especially if you’re going for a limited amount of time. We’ve put together a guide to the best food in Madeira, which should help you find something to tickle your tastebuds. Depending where you are on the island, you’ll find that different foods are more popular in different areas. 

According to Madeira Best, some of the top foods include espetada, hamburgers and polvo – but what are they and where will you find them? 

Espetada is a grilled beef skewer which you can get in most restaurants in the centre. The dish is traditional in Portugal and can be prepared with a number of different meats, if required. You’re able to have it with a side or keep it as a light bite, but it’s definitely a popular dish – particularly if you’re looking for a lunch snack. 

Hamburgers are a classic in most locations, but in Madeira they often test different meats, and fillings. You’ll find this on the menu in various restaurants, but each one will have a different style of making it. The wide range of burgers make it a must-have on the island. 

Given its location, seafood is increasingly popular. Some of the top dishes are polvo (octopus) and truta (grilled trout). The former is used for both a starter and a main. Due to the soaring popularity of the dish, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most recommended food choices on the island. Similarly, trout is one of the main dishes  – most restaurants will catch their fish locally and serve, so any restaurant will have fresh fish available easily. 

However, if you’re too busy to stop for a meal, according to Nina Travels, exotic fruit and street food is definitely a good place to start. Although the prices are high, it’s worth it – you’ll find that the light bite tickles your taste buds just as much as the main meals. Similarly, if you’re on the move, you’ll definitely find garlic bread and butter makes the perfect snack. 

The beautiful views may be a key reason to visit Madeira, but the endless food choices is definitely what keeps tourists happy when they’re there. When looking for a place to stay on your trip, look for somewhere central, so you can pick up some street food while you go sightseeing.