The Tower of London poppy installation, the King’s Cross pond club, an Al Jazeera newsroom and even a premier inn could be voted best architectural projects of the last 12 months.

New London architecture, thought to be the capital’s leading independent forum about architecture, has recently announced the shortlist for the annual new London awards. The list consists of what is considered to be the best city-defining projects within the last year.

The awards see 137 projects ranging from individual homes to large scale transport infrastructure and will be handed out to either completed projects or to those on the drawing board in the last two years.

High profile projects include the garden bridge in the transport and infrastructure category and the new offices district developed in King’s Cross which has received multiple nominations across varied categories.

Other and more surprising nominations include the planned regeneration of Tottenham High Road after the 2011 riots and the new Al Jazeera offices in the Shard, thought to be one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced production studios in the world.

The overall and category winners will be announced on the 7th July.