The movie festival to be held 25th to 27th June at BAFTA will give cinema goers the opportunity to enjoy seven award winning Thai films, that showcase the country’s film industry.

“It is the start of us to show the different angle of Thailand to the world through 7 films,” said the director of Teacher Diary Nitiwat Taratorn.

“The festival in not only showing the films for film lovers, but also the heart and soul of Thailand as well as the potential of Thai film industry,” said the director of The Scar M.L. Bhandevanov Devakula.

We’d like to give you a sneaky peek into what is on offer.

In a Teacher’s Diary an ex-wrestler finds a diary belonging to a preceding teacher whilst working at a school full of children with behavioural issues. He finds privacy when reading the diary and starts to identify with the girl in the pages.

The Scar is a drama set in 1936, on the fringe of Bangkok. A love affair grows between a son and daughter from opposing villages that is too dangerous to disclose.

A groups of high school kids become on-line celebrities from their ‘dare the ghost’ video clips in Ghost Coins. They become hunted by unseen forces after finding a dead body with a gold coin in its mouth in a graveyard.

In the Story of Mahajanaka an outcast prince decides to win back his throne. His boat is destroyed during a terrible storm and his inner strength drives him to swim for seven days.

The powerful and emotional account of love in the documentary style film Somboon depicts the love between a couple married for 45 years. The wife is sick with kidney disease and can no longer look after herself.

In the thrilling and nail biting crime movie Tom Yum Goong 2 when a powerful elephant camp owner’s death is announced the evidence suggests that elephant handler and martial arts expert Kham is the killer.

The emotionally charged Concrete Clouds focuses around the deteriorating relationship between two thirty something brothers. One of them makes friends with the drug taking girl next door after their father commits suicide.

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