A new reality show, Prank House, has launched, giving viewers the chance to make life for the contestants hell by shooting them with paint-guns, administering electric shocks and, bizarrely, releasing a goat.

The online show will film participants 24 hours a day on 35 cameras. 40 YouTube celebrities will take part.

Prank House, located in California, allows no safe corners and has been kitted out with 20 paintball guns, 15 electric shockers, 10 remote-control cars, three robots, and a goat.

To join in, you need to download an app from the official website, prankhouse.com, sign up and choose a team. You then get to vote on games to be played, help your team through challenges and, most enjoyably, take control of the paint-guns, shockers and, er, goats.

The only British contestant is expected to be Hermione Way, 25, from Covent Garden. She’s admitted to being wary about the experience. “I’m a bit scared to be honest. It should be fun, and the organisers are safety conscious,” she said.

Prank House was created by Brigam White and Taran Chadha, who developed the idea from their previous venture, shootthebanker.com.

“It was right around the recession, and we were in advertising. Everyone was so scared and mad that we said, ‘let’s create a site where people can laugh’ and get a little recession revenge,” White said.

In 2009, shootthebanker.com became a 50,000 hits-per-day success and city boy hating users logged on to shoot paintball guns at an actor dressed as a banker.

Genius though the concept was, shootthebanker.com bit the dust, but it did inspire White and Chadha to create the world’s first interactive reality video game.

“People liked [shootthebanker.com] so much, we moved ahead with Prank House,” White said. “Our goal was to make the virtual world of the Internet more real.”

Torturing reality-show contestants? Sounds good to us!

Watch the Prank House trailer here.

Frankie Mullin