According to the latest consumer research carried out by Geberit, nasty niffs in the bathroom cause just as much marital disharmony and family feuds as the old-age argument over leaving the toilet seat up – or down.

When surveyed, 87% of 1,000 homeowners admitted that the bad odours left behind by spouses, partners and other family members were an issue. Not surprising, really.

If a stinky bathroom has been the cause of rows in your household, there is a possible solution. The catchily-named Geberit DuoFresh claims to ‘actively clean the air’ in the loo, and it can be combined with the Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilet, which ‘washes with water to ensure the user is left feeling as fresh and clean as the bathroom smells’.

TNT isn’t exactly sure what this entails, but it sounds a bit like the toilet washes your undercarriage. Hmmm…