Central Park

Central Park is the break away from concrete walls without leaving Manhattan. To soak up sun with a picnic and a good book on a grassy hill, stroll through, go for a rollerblade or enjoy a romantic carriage ride in the snow. From relaxing to exercising anything and everything goes in Central Park since it provides the only true, open air escape for New Yorkers staying close to home.


Statue of Liberty

Make sure you catch the right ferry! Ellis Island is your pick for the Statue of Liberty, where as the Staten Island ferry will take you on a distant fly by! A ferry ticket will get you there and allow you to walk around, if you want to go up you must make a ‘Time Pass’ reservation with the National Parks Service, which is good for only one hour.

Open: Liberty Island is open every day – times depend on the ferries

Closed: December 25th

Tickets: Adult $18 (Ferry Fee), Crown Access +$3, Ellis Hospital Tour +$25


Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is s a must-do, whether you walk or bike along. Go to the Brooklyn Bridge at dawn, dusk or especially night time to see the city lit up at her best. The tightly packed cityscape view makes for a memorable moment and some great snaps.


Chinatown & Little Italy

This is a vibrant and diversely exotic part of town. You may be lucky enough to catch a festival and join in the celebrations of these ethnic traditions. Chinatown and Little Italy are home to 200 bars and restaurants making it impossible not to leave culturally satisfied and full!


Times Square

Visiting Times Square makes you realise you are smack bang in the middle of the big apple. Glistening and flashing billboards, signs and commercials jump out from every corner. Times Square is a highlight on its own, stand in the centre and look around, day or night. This is also a great spot to buy discount tickets for a show.


Empire State Building

It can be a very, very long wait and quite a mission to climb up but the view from the top of the Empire State Building is worth your time and patience.

Open: Every day, 8am – 2am

Tickets: Adult, Main Deck only (86th Floor) $32, Main Deck & Top Deck (86th & 102nd Floors) $52


Fifth Avenue

For the shopaholic in you this is the street to haunt. Saks Fifth Avenue is world class as is the entire strip; along the way you can stop at Versace, Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Tiffany & Co and Trumps Tower, just to give you a taste.


The Meatpacking District & West Village

Don’t let the name deceive you, this area is filled with some of the most popular and happening night spots, check out APT, 5 Ninth, Spice Market and Turks and Frogs.