24-year-old doctor James Grant was spearfishing near Colac Bay over the weekend when he felt a tug on his leg and looked behind him.

Through the murky water he could not fully see that the creature in the deep was a sevengill shark, so instead he acted on pure instinct; without having time to be frightened, he stabbed it with his knife. When Mr Grant realised what the beast was, he decided to make a quick getaway and swam to shore.

It wasn’t until he removed his wetsuit that he noticed the bleeding 5cm bites on his legs, but he calmly stitched them up himself with his first aid kit, which was stored in his car.

Just to prove a point that a piddling shark attack wouldn’t ruin his day, Mr Grant and his mate enjoyed a pint at the Colac Bar Tavern before setting off for the hospital to have the stitching finished. What a guy.

Image credit: YouTube/ Steve Benjamin