The person could be a New Zealander, returning from overseas, but recent trends point to a new born baby as the 4,444,444th citizen.

Experts also predict that the baby will be born in Auckland, but the exact time the number will be reach is hard to predict.

Kim Dunstan, a Senior demographer, is excited about the news of reaching this number, she explains that it could be reached “at 4.44am”.

This would be extraordinary and as likely as guessing any other time. “It’s as good a guess as any, isn’t it?” commented Dunstan to the New Zealand Herald.

“It’s just a good opportunity when these milestones come about to think about our population and how it’s changing and how it’s likely to change in the future,” she said.

Since the last census, which included info about migration, births and deaths, the experts predict tomorrow as the special date.These milestones are rare, the last number that lined up like this was in the ‘80s, the population reached 3,333,333.

It believed that the population won’t reach 5,555,555 for dozens of years.The number 4,444,444 will only last for 15 minutes or so, as the current growth of NZ’s population is around 100 people a day.March 5, 2013 will be the date of the next census in New Zealand.

Picture: Getty