The humongous mosque would have had the space for 10,000 people to pray. It also would have been four times as big as St Paul’s Cathedral.

Muslim group Tablighi Jamaat have been attempting to build this super mosque for 10 years.

Three thousand people gathered outside Newham Town Hall ahead of the decision meeting.

It’s believed that councillors refused the building of the mosque as there was so much backlash and strong opposition.

However, Councillor Conor McAuley said that the space was designated for mixed commercial and residential use, and that the mosque would not have lead to more jobs in the area.

“That really wasn’t good enough,” said McAuley to the BBC.

Ala Uddin Ahmed said:

“There are 90,000 Muslims around the borough.

“The Muslim community is growing and there is need for bigger worship.

“We are extremely let down.”

Religious group Tablighi Jamaat, has been accused of preaching radical views in the past.

Image: Getty