NFL star Troy Polamalu has insured his hair for $1million.

Yup, his hair.

Troy Polamalu's hair is insures for $1 million

The Pittsburgh Steelers defender has just had his 3ft-long curly mane insured by shampoo brand Procter & Gamble for its Head & Shoulders range, which Polamalu promotes.

“They’ve created the first ever insurance policy to protect his iconic mane for the entire NFL season,” Procter & Gamble said.

There are no NFL rules against pulling opponents down by the hair and, in 2006, Polamalu was pulled down by his locks by Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Polamalu hasn’t cut his hair since 2000 and the sight of his tresses flowing from underneath his helmet have become a trademark of the NFL star.

Watch Troy Polamalu being tackled by his hair here.


And if you can’t getenough of Troy’s hair.