The Zane Lowe/ Beyonce debate is still raging on Twitter as everyone weighs in with their comments about his Glastonbury hosting slot.

Beyonce fans flew into a frenzy over the incident, in which Zane Lowe starts laughing and apparently refuses to comment on Knowles’ Glastonbury headline performance.

Following co-host Lauren Laverne’s minute-long monologue about Beyonce’s set, Lowe simply cracks up and says, “I went to watch Queens of Stone Age. Here’s Kool and The Gang.”

In fairness, Lowe may have been reacting to a producer screaming in his earpiece to get to the next video, but after a furious outburst from Beyonce fans on Twitter, Lowe was swapped for Jo Whiley. Instead of interviewing Beyonce back-stage, Lowe announced that he had to "race home" to his kids.


Laverne has tweeted her reaction to the anti-Lowe outburst, writing:

“*Reads the Internet* Oh. Oh, dear.”

"Dear internet, If you'd like to let me know when you've stopped being all mental and we can hang out again, I'll be in the paddling pool. Lx."

Lowe has tried to make amends, tweeting: “Beyoncé breathed fire into her performance tonight. Very impressive. Queens, and Bombay, Wu all highlights. Was a good one.”

However, Twitter has not yet forgiven Lowe and the angry tweets have continued into today.