Nick Griffin was banned from the Queen’s Garden Party at the last minute yesterday, after the palace accused the British National Party (BNP) leader of overtly using his invitation for political purposes. The far right politician has slammed the move as “un-British”.

Griffin was left looking ridiculous when he turned up at the Palace Garden Party squeezed into a shiny morning suit, ready to scoff cucumber sandwiches and pose with the Queen, only to be told he wasn’t allowed in.

BNP politician Griffin had initially been invited to the Palace because he is a member of the European Parliament. Griffin lost no time in gloating about the invitation, crowing about it on TV and writing on his party’s blog that the invitation was “highly symbolic”.

However, his bragging backfired when a Palace spokesman said: “Nick Griffin overtly used his invitation for party political purposes through the media.

“This increased the security threat and the potential discomfort to the many other guests attending.”

Former neo-Nazi Griffin lost no time in slamming the decision, ranting:

“This is quite amazing news. At no time was I informed that I wasn’t allowed to talk to the media about this. Other people have talked about attending. Why a double standard here?

“To say that one person in the country cannot speak to the media is an outrage.”

“The move has obviously been made under pressure from the ConDem regime who are desperate for any reason to bar the BNP. I am held to a different standard to everyone else in the country – that is thoroughly anti-British.”

A Unite Against Fascism spokesman said they were delighted by the Palace’s decision to bar Mr Griffin, saying:

“I think this is a fantastic decision that’s been taken. The invitation in the first place was a blow for those who suffered in the Holocaust and more recently those who have suffered at the hands of racists and homophobes.

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