The gay couple, Michael Black and John Morgan, who have just won their case against a Christian bed and breakfast owner for not allowing them to share a bed, have entered into a verbal brawl with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Griffin posted a comment on Twitter asking for the couple’s address, he then Tweeted it to the world and said the publish would protest outside their house.

The gay couple have responded by saying that Griffin is an ‘idiot’ who’s blatant discriminative views are way out of line with the British public.

Police have been investigating the messages from Griffin, which have been referred to as a form of hate crime by various online users.

Griffin has since allegedly claimed that his his messages were not menacing, and were intended as a peaceful protest against the couple. He’s tried to flip the argument on its head. He maintains that Susanne Wilkinson is the one who is being persecuted.

“I’ve watched with increasing concern and anger over the last few years as the liberal left establishment, militant members of various minority groups, and an increasingly leftwing judiciary have demonised, persecuted and oppressed members of the silent majority in general and Christians in particular,” Griffin explained to The Guardian newspaper.

“I think it’s a campaign based on bullying. And the thing to do with bullies is to give them some of their own medicine. I think it’s time that needs to be done.”

In a statement, which could be perceived as a threat Griffin commented: “I merely pointed out to them [Black and Morgan] that we do know where they live so if they do want to bully people there may be consequences.”

Michael Black explained to the BBC: “Nick Griffin has got very little support in the country.” Black believes the British public will make up their own minds. “Certainly, the public response to the incident, when it happened two and a half years ago, and again in the last 24 hours, has been overwhelmingly in support of our stand against discrimination, so hopefully that will mean the vast majority of the people in the country will just see what an idiot Nick Griffin is and reject his views.”

Picture: Getty Images