The right-wing party has gained more than 100 seats throughout the country, while the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have lost out. Meanwhile, Labour has nabbed Hammersmith and Fulham, Croydon and Amber Valley from the Tories.

Results are still rolling out, but a surge in support for UKIP has rocked the three major parties.

Farage now believes that, for the first time, they could gain representation in the House of Commons after the general election in 2015.

That said, UKIP is not finding much love in London, which Farage puts down to bad press and – um – an educated population.

Rising levels of UKIP support in Essex and the north has prompted speculation of some kind of deal with the Conservatives. However, David Cameron has rubbished this idea, maintaining that his party can stand on its own two feet.

And we thought the first coalition was wobbly…

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