If you’re planning on doing any skinny dipping in the Oresund strait and have a pair of testicles then you might want to reconsider. 

Fisherman in the strait have began netting huge numbers of pacu, a native fish of South America and similar in build (if not quite in ferocity) to its more famous cousin, the piranha. The pacu is an omnivorous fish and, while it apparently prefers legumes to testicles (according to the Huffington Post anyway) they can grow to nearly a metre in length and can take off a human finger with one bite. 

An expert at the Natural History Museum of Denmark reportedly told a CNN reporter that, “anyone choosing to bathe in the Oresund these days had best keep their swimsuits well tied.”

You don’t need to tell me twice, brother. 

It has been reported that tribal fisherman in places like the Amazon and Papua New Guinea have lost testicles and even their lives to pacu, so it seems the threat to Swede and Danish men’s wedding tackle is real. 

It isn’t really known how the fish came to be in the Oresund straight in the first place. 

One theory is that exotic fish collectors have been dumping (or “releasing”) their prize fish into local waterways, a criminal offence – in the United States of America, anyway. 

All you Scandinavian men just have to not skinny dip for another few days, by the time October rolls around it’ll get much too cold. 

Image: Mega Fishing Thailand.