Whether you’ve emailed your dad a sexy message meant for your man or your boss a bitchathon about how much you hate your job, there’s nothing worse than that heart-in-your-mouth feeling as you realise you have clicked ‘send’ and your inappropriate email is winging it’s way to the wrong person.

Desperately hitting buttons in attempt to cancel the email, you have to resign yourself to the fact you ‘ll have some serious explaining to do – or have to come up with a stealth-like plan to hack into their email account and delete it, before remembering you are not Ethan Hunt.

Gmail account users can rejoice now, however, as the email account provider has introduced an ‘undo’ button, giving you up to 30 seconds to call back your email and re-send it to the right person.

To activate it, simply go into your settings and click the button ‘Enable Undo Send’ and select your cancellation period from 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds (we say give yourself the biggest chance possible with 30).

Here’s hoping other account providers catch on soon. Now if only they could invent an ‘undo’ button for your mouth…