Noel Gallagher launched his solo career with a press conference which is available to watch online, using the opportunity to discuss his relationship with Liam and the notorious Oasis split.

Gallagher announced yesterday that he will be releasing two solo albums. Noel Gallagher And The High Flying Birds, his sans-Oasis debut will be released on October 17.

Fans can catch Noel Gallagher on tour around the time of the album’s release and may be happy to learn that he will be playing some Oasis songs.

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The tour will take place in a host of small theatres, with gigs booked for Dublin, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

Watch Noel Gallagher's press conference here.


Noel’s concession to playing songs from his old band does not, however, mean that he’s buried the hatchet with his brother Liam.

During his press conference, the older Gallagher told reporters about the time Liam came into the room “wielding a guitar like an axe”.

“It was a really unnecessary violent act, he was swinging this guitar around and he nearly took my face off with it," Noel said.

"He doesn't like me in a violent way. I don't get on with him but he takes it to a (new) level. There's no point in being in a band with people you fight with. I kind of did everybody a favour."

Despite this, Noel Gallagher’s attitude towards Liam and Oasis seems to be more mellow than might be expected given said guitar-wielding antics.

“I never had enough of Oasis, I had enough of him and our relationship but it was never as bad as people made out," he said.

"He (Liam) is probably better off without me because he's in charge. It remains to be seen if I'm better off without him.”