This is the stuff action films are made of, last year a spy was arrested, before he managed to make an assassination attempt on a political activist in South Korea, with some James Bond-style gadgets.

Information about the deadly gadgets has recently been released. When the spy was arrested he was carrying weapons that looked like normal every day items, including a torch that fires bullets and a pen that when twisted to the right releases a needle filled with deadly poison – one click and you’re a goner.

“It would cause muscle paralysis very quickly,” explained an investigation official to CNN in Seoul. “This would lead to suffocation and then death.”

According to officials, pen weapons are not a new thing – Korean spies have had this technology for around 10 years. However, the gun disguised as a flashlight is new, extremely accurate and deadly.

Park Sang-Hak is a political activist who sends anti propaganda balloons across the border into North Korea. Sang-Hak had a luck escape when South Korean intelligence caught the assassin, disguised as a potential investor in Sang-Hak cause, at the last minute.

“The weapons are so innocuous, you could easily kill someone, I would have been killed instantly,” he explains to CNN.

Sang-Hak says he knows his days are numbered, and is one of the most wanted men in North Korea. South Korea have provided around-the-clock-police protection for him.

Picture: Getty