The newest craze of ‘milking’, is sweeping the nation’s youth. All you have to do is stand somewhere public, fully clothed, and pour a pint of cow juice over your head.

Simple, yes, but arguably far more of a commitment than previous social media crazes. Planking – lying facedown somewhere unlikely and posting the evidence on Facebook – didn’t require a shower or change of clothes afterwards.

Neither did hanging upside down, aka Batmanning, nor the cinnamon challenge, which involved eating a tablespoon of the spice in under a minute.

The latter was very short-lived, as we suspect this one might turn out to be, given the consequences.  “The smell of sour milk is present all over our house,” one “milkman” told a tabloid.

The milking trend started in Newcastle, where students have been filmed milking themselves in stations, shopping centres, hotels and roundabouts, and there are reports of the craze in Edinburgh, Oxford, Nottingham and Cirencester.

Whaddya reckon, Londoners? Are we in, or are we leaving them to it?