The top five happiest places in the UK are all in the north of England according to stats gathered by estate agent website Rightmove, who got the opinions of 25,000 people across the nation.

And it’s bad news for London – according to the survey both East and South East London aren’t happy with their lot as both appear in the top five.

People were asked about the neighbourliness and safety of their area, as well as the condition and size of their homes, giving each section a mark out of 12. The results were compiled into a ‘Happy At Home’ index.

Going by the findings, people in the North are happier in their environment than many down south, which questions the popular age-old phrase ‘it’s grim up north’.

The second most northerly city in England sitting right next to the Scottish border, Carlisle, came out right on top. It’s within easy reach of the Lake District and other national parks and outstanding beauty spots. Housing is inexpensive compared to much of the UK, particularly the south, and the city’s residents told the survey that they’re very happy in their surroundings.

“Our research provides an interesting challenge to the typical view of the north-south divide. Neither Carlisle nor the north regularly features at the top of too many property market league-tables, but this doesn’t appear to be playing on the minds of those who live there too much!” said Miles Shipman of RightMove.

UK’s happiest areas

1. Carlisle (pictured above – Carlisle Castle)
2. York
3. Huddersfield
4. Harrogate
5. Chester
6. Llandudno
7. Norwich
8. Derby
9. Dorchester
10. Exeter

UK’s unhappiest areas

1. London – East (pictured above)
2. Ilford
3. London – South East
4. Luton
5. Romford
6. Oldham
7. Enfield
8. London – North
9. London – West
10. Harrow