In July 2011, the 33-year-old detonated car bomb that killed eight people outside government headquarters in Oslo, and then shot and killed 69 others in a rampage on Utoya island, where young members of the governing Labour Party had gathered for their annual summer camp.

Breivik was pleased with the verdict as he had promised to appeal if the court found he was insane, saying it would be a fate worse than death. He smiled when it was delivered.

Earlier, after entering the court and having his handcuffs removed, he gave his customary far-right salute.

Ever since he was apprehended, Breivik has portrayed himself as a warrior fighting the Islamisation of Norway.

He now plans to continue his war on multiculturalism by writing a book in jail.

A poll by Norway’s state broadcaster NRK found three quarters of Norwegians wanted Breivik sent to jail, as opposed to a mental hospital.

Breivik will now travel back back to Oslo’s Ila Prison, where he has been held in isolation since his arrest. The prison built a psychiatric ward just for him in the event he was declared insane.