The traditional foods of Northern Ireland are linked to the land and climate. Cattle graze all year round, so there’s plenty of beef and bacon on offer. The lakes and rivers produce an abundance of fish, and the bread and dairy produce are top-notch. Make sure you try an Ulster Fry, which consists of bacon, egg, sausage, soda farls and potato bread. And of course, there’s pub grub. But if that’s not your scene there are plenty of restaurants, particularly in Belfast, which offer a wider variety of choices.


Harp is the ‘Norn Irish’ drink of choice – the lagar cousin of Guinness stout. And Bushmills whiskey is brewed in County Antrim, just two miles from the Giants Causeway. You can visit the distillery itself, or just order some in any of the many bars.


The tap water is safe to drink, provided it comes from a kitchen sink and not a bathroom one.