Barry O’Farrell, the premier of Australia’s most populous state, told a corruption jury that he never received the pricey beverage.

However he was caught red-handed after investigators found a handwritten note thanking businessman Nick Di Girolamo for the gift.

Mr O’Farrell put the gaffe down to a “massive memory fail” and said: “I do believe there is a thank you note signed by me and as someone who believes in accountability, I accept the consequences of my actions.”

O’Farrell’s political opponent, John Kaye said: “This is not about Barry O’Farrell; it is about the culture of politics in New 
South Wales. Barry O’Farrell was clearly inundated with gifts and donations with lobbyists but he just lost track of what was going on.”

The bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange Hermitage was a gift from businessman Nick Di Girolamo, whose company Australia Water Holdings is now being investigated for corruption.

Image credit: Getty