Nuremberg in 2-3 days

Day 1

Assuming you’re here for the Christmas market, allow at least a day to look around the stalls. Arrive early to beat the crowds and stay late to soak up the party atmosphere as the market clears and the glühwein takes effect.

Day 2

Wander around the city at your leisure. Cross the picturesque Pegnitz River and stroll up the hill of the Altstadt (old town) towards the Kaiserberg, stopping to enjoy the view across the gabled rooftops. Also pop in whichever of the city’s museums take your fancy.

Day 3

Visit the Nazi Rally Grounds, on the city outskirts. Exploring the Documentation Centre thoroughly will take the better part of a day, and is worth the investment of time. If you want to walk out to the Zeppelin Field allow at least an extra hour – the grounds are on a massive scale.

Nuremberg in one week

There’s not enough to do in Nuremberg to justify more than a couple of days. If you’ve got longer, relocate to nearby Munich or use the city as a base to explore Bavaria.