Whether you’ve been caning your way down the east coast, checking out the central rock stars or have simply turned into an urban creature of the night, sadly one thing is always inevitable – the cash won’t last forever.

But have no fear, as picking up some office work, as long as you have even a little experience, is relatively painless and quite often as well paid as any temporary job you’re likely to get.

The good news is that, as recruitment consultant Christine Wright, told us: “Australian employers are recognising the benefits of taking on travellers. Salaries are remaining steady, or increasing slightly, in response to the demand for quality candidates.”

But in order to land that job to help you get back on the road, it’s worth doing things properly and making sure you’re prepared. “Put effort into your application,” Christine advised.

“Provide a cover letter which sums up your experience, lets us know what work you are looking for and give reasons for why you would be good for the position.

“Put as much relevant detail into your resume as possible. List all previous duties, computers packages used and the dates for each position.”

But even with a badass CV, make sure you don’t mess up the obvious things.

Christine warned: “We expect candidates to be well presented, so make sure you have a suit, black shoes and keep hair etc., tidy.

“Make sure your voicemail is set up as it can be frustrating when potential candidates are unreachable.”

One thing is very clear though, agencies look for reliability and honesty above all else. “Be honest about potential other job opportunities, turn up every day to your job, and if you are unwell always inform your consultant,” added Christine.

Interview with an Admin Assistant

Richard Parry
24, from England
What is your job?

My job is admin assistant for CGU Workers Compensation Claims. When someone injures themselves at work we pay their wages and rehab bills until they can work again. The job is pretty relaxed and I can manage my own work load which is mainly photocopying, sorting post/faxes and any other brainless task.

What job did you have back home?
Insurance Underwriter for Royal & SunAlliance Engineering.

How does your new job compare to your job back home?
Lots easier. I had a heavy work load and had to work to tight deadlines… And the job involved some actual thought.

How did you land your new job?
I was lucky. I was working in a mind-numbing call centre until my friend told me there was a vacancy where he worked so I contacted the agency which deals with CGU and asked for it.

Was it hard finding a job in the office/admin sector?
I registered with four or five agencies and got a few job offers. As long as you have some office experience you shouldn’t have a problem.

What are the good points about your new job?
Stress free and a relaxed atmosphere. The plentiful supply of free biscuits, fruit and drinks is good, too.

Any bad points?
Not many attractive ladies and I start at 8am. Also the work isn’t very challenging, but I guess that’s a good thing, I’m supposed to be on holiday.

Any funny stories to share?
The all you can drink Xmas party was pretty cool. But as it was ‘all you can drink’, it meant there weren’t many “memorable” moments.

How is the pay?
I get $19/hour which is fairly decent for how easy it is.

How long have you been in Australia for?
Been in Oz since August. Been to Adelaide, Melbourne and now living at Bondi Beach.

Where to next?
East Coast, New Zealand’s South Island, Perth, Uluru then off around Asia again.

Any advice for other travellers considering a job in office/admin sector in Australia?
Turn up looking smart and keep the results from any tests the agencies may ask you to take. Then you don’t have to do the same tests at every agency.