Sadly, whether it’s because of a few too many nights in Scubar or that sailing trip around the Whitsundays, it’s very easy to burn your way through your hard-earned savings at a horrifying pace. But have no fear, because picking up some office work, as long as you have even a little experience, is relatively painless and quite often as well paid as any temp job you’re likely to get. If anything it seems the demand for travellers in the workplace is on the rise. Christine Wright, regional director of Hays Office Support, says: “Australian employers are recognising the benefits of taking on travellers. Salaries are remaining steady, or increasing slightly.” Wright adds that workers who have specialised in IT or financial services will do especially well. “It is not uncommon for these candidates to receive a job offer within 24 to 48 hours,” she says. But it’s worth making sure you’re prepared. “Put effort into your application,” Wright advises. “Provide a cover letter which sums up your experience, let us know what work you are looking for and give reasons for why you would be good for the position. “Put as much relevant detail into your resumé as possible. List all previous duties and computer packages used.” But even with a badass CV, make sure you don’t mess up the obvious things. Wright warns: “We expect candidates to be well presented, so make sure you have a suit, black shoes and keep hair, etc, tidy. “Make sure your voicemail is set up as it can be frustrating when potential candidates are unreachable.” “Be honest about potential other job opportunities, turn up every day to your job, and if you are unwell always inform your consultant,” adds Wright.