Everybody needs good neighbours. So we sent secret soap nut Andy Westbrook on a Neighbours tour in Melbourne, where he discovered size doesn’t matter.

In a country packed with some of the greatest natural wonders in the world, it seems strange that a tiny street in a http://www.tntdownunder.com/article/2443949843.html[Melbourne] suburb attracts so many travellers.

Strange that is, unless like me, you were brought up on a strict diet of Neighbours after school.

And so it is that I board a tour bus by Flinders Street Station to be taken on a trip down memory lane.

Grinning in anticipation we approach the streets of fictional suburb Erinsborough, while Harold “Jelly Belly” Bishop does his best to pull the heart-strings as we catch up on the classic episode of his return.

Soon we are wandering around the playground of Erinsborough High, treading in the footsteps of all the greats… Kylie, Jason, Natalie…

We’re reliably informed the name of the school was devised from an anagram of the word neighbours, with an extra “R” and “O” thrown in for good measure – the creators obviously not quite grasping the definition of anagram.

In real life, the school is used to teach English to new immigrants, who must start reconsidering their choice of country when bus loads of over-excited travellers take pictures of their school every day.