The video – a Super Bowl ad for car company Chevrolet – shows the band playing their song Needing/Getting by driving a souped-up car through an obstacle course.

Pneumatic arms on either side of the car hit empty oil drums, glass jars and electric guitars to create the sound, while Damian Kulash drives the band down the track singing.

The video, directed by Brian L Perkins, used over 1,100 homemade instruments and 55 pianos to help the modified Chevy Sonic play the song.

It took four months to set up, four days to shoot and record, and Kulash took stunt driving lessons so no stand-ins were brought in.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their amazement over the video, with @LawrenciumD saying: “At this rate, OK Go will NEVER cease to impress me with their music video ideas. Amazing stuff!”

@RaveofRavendale said “OK Go’s most mental video yet?”

And @viticci tweeted: “OK Go have lost it. How is this even possible.”