The temporary compound for Olympic cleaners has them living ten people per room and sharing a toilet between 25 residents. Showers are shared between every 75 residents.

The never-ending rain has made these conditions even worse, with leaky roofs and almost impassable pathways. Residents have taken to using crates as a makeshift walkway between buildings to avoid the sludge.

Housing laws say that having more than two adults sharing a room qualifies it as “overcrowded.” Five toilets and washbasins for every 100 people is deemed appropriate, according to Health and Safety guidelines.

Residents pay £18 per day to live in these temporary accommodations at Olympic Park.  Since many are foreigners, they do not have other options for residence.

Cleaners had to sign gagging orders against talking to the press to work at the Olympics and are not allowed to have visits from friends or family. These measures are supposedly for security reasons.

The camps are run by Spotless International Services, contracted to provide cleaning personnel during the Olympics.

“Cleanevent [part of Spotless] have assured us that the accommodation they are providing their workers is of a suitable standard,” said a Locag spokesman to the Daily Mail.

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