The brainchild of Kathy Clugston, a Radio 4 newsreader, Friday’s premier showcased performance of songs selected from the show,

“It was actually during the Today programme one morning that I talked to John and I said, ‘I’ve written a musical, you’re a character in it, do you mind?’ He replied, ‘I hope you’re going to take the mickey out of me. Although the actor you get to play me probably wont be young enough or sexy enough,” Clugston told The Telegraph.

Although Humphrys and Naughtie haven’t seen the show yet, they give it high praises.

Despite the absence of the main muses the front rows were packed with familiar names from the station including Susan Rae, Rory Morrison and Neil Sleat.

The show opened with the UK Theme, but quickly turned from reality as an evil controller Selina Badminton, played by Ria Jones, proceeded to cut the hourly pips from six to three, remove The Shipping Forecast entirely and turn Woman’s Hour into Human’s Hour. 

In a bid to right the radio station, Naughtie and Humphrys organise a Twitter campaign to try to save the station.

After the show Radio 4 newsreader Corrie Corfield told The Telegraph, “As an insider on this one, I think it’s very accurate-incredible. The whole scenario with the Today programme is exactly what it’s like.”

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