Gold medal winning Wiggins was hit by a Vauxhall Astra Envoy van at approximately 6pm last night, the police said to the woman driving the car: “Do you know who you have hit?”  To which she allegedly replied “I can’t believe it”

Yasmin Smith, a local garage attendant, explained that she heard tires schreeching finished by a bang.

“’By the time I got there he had moved to a safer place but was still on the ground and he was in a lot of pain,” Smith said, reported the Daily Mail.
“He said he thought he had broken his ribs and while a lot of police cars arrived it was about 15 minutes before the ambulance got there by which time he was blue.”

Wiggins’ wife Catherine appeared at the crash minutes afterwards with his two children Ben and Isabella. Catherine is reported to have looked very distressed and rushed towards the woman driving the car.

Witnesses accounted that Bradley was in a lot of pain, and he couldn’t stand properly. Even after the car accident he was able to calm his distressed wife down.

Smith explained to the Daily Mail that the driver was in shock and very upset. “She was very upset, even more upset when the police actually said ‘do you realise who you’ve hit?’. That really put her back, because obviously she felt bad enough.”

Well wishes have appeared all over Twitter, Olympic champion cyclist Joanna Rowsell posted “wishing Wiggins a speedy recovery”.