A female security guard has been arrested near the Olympic Stadium on suspicion of possessing explosives after police searched her car and discovered the substance.

The 40-year-old woman, who worked as a dog handler as part of the Olympic Stadium security team, was detained after her vehicle was searched by police in a car park off Pudding Mill Lane, in East London.

The arrest came after officers were given a tip-off that the security guard was in possession of explosives, the Metropolitan Police said. A Class A drug was also found on her person, according to reports.

However, despite the proximity to the Olympic Stadium, police said they do not believe the incident to be terror-related. The safety of the 2012 sporting venue is not thought to have been compromised.

A spokesman for Olympics security provider G4S, which the woman is believed to have worked for said: “Our canine services team is licensed to hold small samples of explosives for training purposes and are required to undertake rigorous training and follow strict operational processes.

“Our canine services teams are highly effective because the dogs are able to regularly train using ‘live’ training aids. All dog handlers are fully vetted and operate to the highest industry standards.

“G4S take breach of operational processes very seriously and are assisting the police with their inquiries in relation to this incident.”

The arrest was made on Tuesday and the woman is currently being questioned at an east London police station.

A Met Police statement said: “Searches were carried out at residential addresses in Kent and London, no further substances were found.”

Scotland Yard confirmed that said a very small amount of an explosive substance recovered by police was being forensically examined.