Clumsily constructed, low on character development and disappointingly
undramatic, Martin Sherman’s attempt to write the modern day equivalent of a
classic Greek tragedy makes heavy going of the last years of the uber-rich
shipping tycoon who bedded opera diva Maria Callas then wedded J.F.K.’s
widow, Jackie.

There’s too much exposition and not enough action, with Gawn Grainger’s
chorus leader ushering us through the essentials in a wasted opportunity to
bring a larger than life character to the stage.

Thankfully, Robert Lindsay rises to the challenge of playing the irascible
broker of shady moneymaking deals. Light on his feet as he dances to his
favoured folk music, incensed at perceived slights and, possibly, complicit
in Robert Kennedy’s assassination, his performance injects this clunky
production with a dash of much-needed vigour. 



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– Louise Kingsley