Do you feel happy? Well do you? According to a new survey the Brits are actually more happy than the Aussies, despite the large amount of grumble-inducing factors working against those on this tiny little island. 

A new survey carried out by the National Bank Of Australia of more than 1000 Aussies shows life Down Under is likely to make you less happy than one in the UK.

When compared with a similar survey here last year by the Office for National Statistics, the numbers showed 7.4 Brits were satisfied with their lives compared to only six Aussies. When quizzed whether they thought their life was worthwhile – a pretty serious, philosophical sounding survey question, we must admit – 7.7 Brits said they were comfortable and happy with their reason for being, compared to only 6.5 Aussies.

Existential crises are therefore more common in Sydney than London, we can only deduce. But why?

“Australians have overtaken the Poms in the whinging stakes,” journo Michael Pascoe said in the Sydney Morning Herald, despite all the factors suggesting the stats should be the other way round.

Britain’s economy is an embarrassment and double-dipped to fuck, while Australia has one of the strongest economies in the developing world.

Here it is grey, gloomy and snowing in April, with a wet and pathetic summer predicted, too. During the same period Australia was basking in a record heatwave. Different hemisphere, but you get the point.

Could it be the Brits’ much famed stiff upper lip? That barkingly daft yet surprisingly effective ‘keep calm and carry on’ mentality that has seen them through the Blitz, Thatcher, and the shame of being responsible for unleashing Simon Cowell on the world?

The nation’s ability to laugh at itself, embrace irony as a heritage, and emerge smiling and contented despite the setbacks? I think it’s much simpler – do the surveys again after an Aussie Ashes win and it could all be very different.

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Hating the goth and emo haters 

Manchester has decided attacks on emos and goths should be recorded as hate crimes, just like those motivated by religion, disability, ethnicity or sexual orientation. 

It is a move motivated by the death in 2007 of Sophie Lancaster, a goth who was attacked in a Manchester park. It is intended to support subcultures who are targeted for their anti-conformity lifestyles and appearance. 

While any attack or physical assault on someone is motivated by a dislike – people don’t go round attacking people they’re chummy with, generally – the new law focuses on those that are motivated not by personal needs (mugging for money) but by personal prejudices, and it is for this reason it is a welcome move that should be supported and embraced nationwide.

Intolerance and ignorance is vile yet widespread, and should be tackled head on with intelligence and understanding. 

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