Police officer Hilton Botha claimed that Pistorius knew Steenkamp was in the bathroom when he shot through the door and killed her reports The Guardian. Both added he thought there was “no way” it was self-defence from an imagined burglar.

However, after cross-examination from defence lawyer Barry Roux, Botha admitted acknowledged he couldn’t find anything at the crime scene inconsistent with Pistorius’s accidental shooting version of events, reports The Guardian.

There had been claims of screams heard from inside the house, which the defence say were from Pistorius rather then Steenkamp. The testosterone Botha had claimed to find at Pistorius’s house were a legal herbal remedy. The detective had also not asked to look at another of Pistorius’s phones to see if he’d called for help.

“That call was made at 3.20am,” Roux said. A security guard whom Pistorius also phoned heard the defendant continue to cry after he failed to put the phone down properly, the defence lawyer said.

Further support to the defence’s version of events is that the autopsy shows. Steenkamp’s bladder was empty when she died, indicating she had indeed got up to use the toilet as Pisorius claimed. Roux said Steenkamp’s autopsy showed no sign of defensive wounds or an assault. Botha said that was correct.