“I can’t get my head around it,” Reava’s friend Sam Greyvenstein told Grazia magazine.

“Reeva was happy with Oscar. Everyone will say the same thing. I know him well – we all travel in the same circles. And nobody suspected that anything was out of order.”

Greyyenstein said that Reeva “would have married Oscar” in a statement read out last week at the athlete’s bail hearing.

“I introduced Oscar and Reeva,” said Pistorius’ friend Justin Divaris in another statement read out during the hearing.

“It was obvious that they were immediately attracted to each other.

“Oscar said Reeva was a fantastic person who really understood him. He told me she could be the one he’d marry.”

The couple had only met last November but their whirlwind romance seemed to be going so well that many thought marriage was already on the cards.

Pistorius has been released on bail pending the June trial. He admits killing Reeva but denies murdering her, saying he mistook her for an intruder.

Photo: Getty.