You’re originally from Melbourne and have lived in London and New York. What’s the best and worst thing about each of these cities?

In Melbourne the best thing is that you can party all night long (not like in Sydney where they lock you in or out at 1am) the worst thing is your friend has probably fucked your one night stand. In London the best thing is the television show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ the worst thing is when the sponge cake doesn’t rise and the contestant break down into tears. In New York the best thing is the cocaine the worst thing is never sleeping I mean after all it’s the city that doesn’t sleep

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Mykonos Greece because I meet all of my friends from all over the world there all at one time and it’s the gayest, funnest place on earth.

You travel a lot, if you were to dish out awards who would win these:

Best airline: British Airways. I only fly BA long haul or Transatlantic. I am a Gold Executive cardholder LOL I always smell of an Elemis product when I board BA. BA is the most consistent airline in the world, I like to know what I am getting when I fly. And I just love the Britishness of BA it feels cosy like home.

Best uniforms: British Airways. Julien Macdonald’s uniform is smart, classic and timeless. It’s a challenge for a designer to make every woman’s body shape look great and he has achieved this flawlessly. Bigger and smaller sized cabin crew rock this uniform.

Sidebar: I am not getting paid by British Airways to say any of this FYI I am sincerely passionate about British Airways

Best in flight food: KLM has yummy food, but it’s the attention to detail and presentation that is flawless. Plus every flight across the Atlantic if you’re flying in business class KLM give you a collectable Delft House full of booze to take home with you. Sweet!

Best in-flight entertainment: Emirates. No competition here I mean they show movies that haven’t even been made yet!

Any other awards you’d like to give out? 

I would like to give Jet Blue the US domestic airline the award for best First Class service MINT Class from NY to LA and the award for the friendliest cabin crew…they are so friendly I feel like I am in a Broadway musical every time I board. One more award I’d like to give is to my other favorite airline Air France for being so fucking chic and thin.

Cabin crews get a pretty rough ride in your shows but they keep coming back for more, how do they react when you’re on board? Do you get special treatment or a taste of your own medicine?

Most recently I disembarked a flight with every single miniature bottle of gin they had on board and a Santa sack full of snacks. It’s rare if I don’t leave an aircraft with a bottle of something nice which is very, very sweet of the crew all over the world. Some of my best friends today I’ve met on planes or are cabin crew. My world is so fucking awesome I am so grateful to all the cabin crew who take such good care of me. I am a massive plane geek and every time I fly it’s like the first time, I just love flying. I’ve never had a bad experience with cabin crew on board a flight, I think they enjoy getting me shit faced and they probably do things to me I have no idea about LOL Well I hope they do!!

Your new show ‘Queen of the Sky’ is coming to the UK this Autumn, starting with six weeks in London – what can we expect?

I have a brand new 2-part spoof of Downton Galley, which is beyond filthy hysterical. I have a brand new Muppet created by Kony of Britain’s Got Talent fame Pamska Annska she will be making an appearance. I have new transgender characters Caitlyn and Gloria from Qantas who will also be making an appearance. I improvise the majority of the show so it will be fresh and topical every night. I love interacting with the audience so every show is different which I love. It’s going to be FUN, FILTHY and FUNNY! Well that’s my goal to make people laugh and leave with their faces hurting or a bit of wee in their panties!

When you’re not on stage what will you be getting up to in London?

I will be partying at The Box, getting my box filled and dining at Balans on Old Compton Street and occasionally fingering a cheeseburger at McDonalds. 

Pam Ann’s new show ‘Queen of the Sky’ is at Leicester Sq Theatre 30th September to 7 November before touring the UK.