Footage of the attack, posted on YouTube, shows the worker’s offsider arguing with a NYC police officer after being slugged with a parking fine in Brooklyn.

As the argument continues, the long-haired man appears from behind construction van, brandishing a circular saw.

Onlookers flee as the angry handyman fires up the blade’s motor before calmly sawing  through the meter’s steel shaft.

Despite the driver pleading with his friend to stop, the sawmaster continues until the job is completed.

The pair then prepare to drive off while the officer cowers behind her vehicle.

The video has been watched almost 220,000 times on YouTube.

However, many of the viewers remain unconvinced that the event was real.

YouTube user deejayedwards was havig none of it.

“So I can see this is fake,” he commented. “Now to figure out what it’s selling…”

Another YouTuber DeeHawkDK wrote: “Bad acting by the camera guy. The video quality is pretty good, although one would think a monkey was holding the cam. Could be an iPhone viral”

And Blackthunder224 had a ‘scientific’ explanation for the video’s lack of authenticty.

“The best way to tell its fake?? Nobody got tased….”

But bigappleboyz was having none of it, insisting the posting was real

“No way this is fake. They cut a freakin’ parking meter! Were those sparks fake too? it’s near Dekalb Ave.,” they wrote.