That’s according to the 19-year-old former intern of the Falkirk MP, who claims she had an affair with him while working at his constituency office.

She also claims he made her take off her school tie because her uniform “freaked him out becuase it reminded him of how I was”.

Meg Lauder, who was 17 when she alleges the affair took place, told the Scottish Sun, that the married father of two tried to sound seductive.

“He pulled my belt towards him and said, ‘I think we are about to behave very badly,’ then he kissed me,” she said.

“His hands were around my waist, it was a lingering kiss.

“I didn’t want it to happen. I was a bit repulsed. He asn’t this sex bomb he was trying to protray himself as,” she added.

Joyce, 51, denies the kiss ever took place. “I have looked at the SUn, and there is a lot of sutff tha’t s basically horribly untrue and that’s the only comment I have.

“I knew her only for that period of my election campagin and that’s it.”

Joyce, who has said he won’t seek relection after his current term, is due to appear in court next week to face over his parliament bar fracas.