Sharp turned, seemingly overnight, on his fellow campmates, criticising Sinitta for exaggerating her jungle fears and pushing Lorraine Chase to tears.

His behaviour found him voted for the Bushtucker trial but when this was announced he leapt up shouting “Yes, it worked!”

“It is hypocritical really,” Ant said. “They are so hungry in the camp and know Sinitta doesn’t bring back many meals, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they put their heads together to come up with a plan.


Dec said: “If he did that on purpose to get the trial, does that make him as bad as Sinitta, who he said put it all on to get voted to do the trials?”

Despite his good intentions, and coming through the trial with flying colours securing 11 stars for the camp, Sharp remains something of a “panto villain” in the eyes of his campmates, many of whom struggle to believe his behaviour was all part of an act.

Campmate Mark Wright though has defended Sharp, saying: “I don’t know if Pat’s playing a game. If he is, it’s only so he can take on the trial, win stars and take pressure off Sinitta. Hopefully, he might bring more stars home than her.”