It’s been revealed that the man behind the most romantic proposal we’ve ever seen (*sigh*) is 23-year-old Utpal Kanbia, who was proposing to his girlfriend Meena Rabadia.

Speaking to LondonLive, Mr Kanbia revealed that getting the candles set up was a trial in itself, and he feared that he was going to be arrested when he heard helicopters circling overhead during his proposal.

“I started thinking ‘Are we allowed to do this sort of stuff in a public park?  Are we breaking any laws?’” he said.

The north London romantic also revealed that he had to stall girlfriend Meena twice while his friends set up all the candles, and that he also had a fire extinguisher and bottles of water to hand in case the blaze got out of control.

The couple will celebrate their engagement in November, but it’s not yet known when they’ll get hitched.

Image credit via Twitter