The American designer sent four of his models down the runway wearing clothes with sly peepholes that left little to the imagination as perky penises gave onlookers an eyeful.

Glimpses of exposed nipples, naked bottoms and bare breastsmay nowadays come as little surprise atwomenswear shows, but cocks on the catwalk and goolies on the gangwayare a new thing altogether.

The models just about managed to keep a straight face as they flashed the flesh through drapey designs, but fashion editors and other audience members whispered and giggled as they cottoned on to the cock-and-ball story of the night.

And it seems that themale member is fast becoming a must-have fashion accessory. Guests were fed penis-shaped canaps – withdangly bits – at Acne’s spring/summer 2015 party, and cocksure Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck popped penises on to his metallic snakeskin brogues.

Rick Owens’ peek-a-boo penises developed the popular trend -inspiring the inevitableInstagram hashtag: #dickowens