Getting There

There’s no two ways about it — Perth is a bloody long way from anywhere, so if you’re coming from overseas you’ll be flying in. It’s serviced by plenty of major carriers.

If you’re making the trek to Perth from Sydney or Melbourne, flying is the quick way. But consider driving as well. It is a magic experience loading your van and cruising across the Nullarbor Plain — the vast barren desert plain, 2000km long separating South Australia from Western Australia and, essentially, Australia’s east coast from west coast.

You’ll have to dodge roos and fill up at every single petrol station you pass to avoid running out of juice, but it’s a unique Aussie experience and well worth the two-day drive.

Getting Around

Perth is compact, running mainly north to south along the coast. Buses and trains link the suburbs with the city.

However, you’ll need a car to properly explore the city, its beaches and surrounds, as well as to head down south to the beach and winery playgrounds of Dunsborough and Margaret River.