An invasion of Jellyfish has forced the closure of some of Spain’s most popular beaches during the peak summer season. Several beaches on the Costa Blanca north of Alicante were shut to swimmers after clusters of Mauve jellyfish drifted into the area.The tentacles of the purple jellyfish generally deliver only mild stings but can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and have been known to cause heart failure. The Red Cross reportedly treated 50 people for stings in just half an on a beach in Denia, a resort on Spain’s eastern coast and were concerned numbers may top those of 2008, when a record 4,000 people were treated for stings in Denia alone. The Spanish environment ministry has deployed boats to patrol the coastline in search for the pink-hued stingers.
Red flags will be raised to warn swimmers to stay out of the water when the jellyfish are spotted.