Police are still deciding whether to question Middleton, 27, over the indicent , which took place as she was being driven to the Gare du Nord to catch a Eurostar to London by after a arty by her friend Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait.

Meanwhile, her friend’s brother, Marcy de Soultrait, last night insisted that the gun in question was a child’s toy and that Middleton thought the matter was “a very funny game”.

“Pippa is a very good friend of mine and this gun affair is very silly. It was a children’s toy that the driver had in his car,”” he told the Daily Mail.

“Pippa thought it was funny. It is fine in France to do that and the police are not investigating

“In France there is no problem, just in England. You English think there is a problem, which is crazy.

“I have spoken with Pippa, she thinks this is all a joke and a funny game. We were just having a laugh. We are funny people, it’s what we do.

“The paparazzo saw the toy and he knew it was a toy, he has said so. You English need to get over it. It was just a joke that has been blown out of all proportion.”

Under French law, anyone who “threatens” another with a real or fake weapon can face a prison sentence of five years.

Pictures taken by a bystander have been handed to police, who must decide whether to alert an examining magistrate.