Steenkamp was cremated at her memorial and funeral attended by family and friends.

“He’s a danger to the public. He’ll be a danger to witnesses. He must stay in jail. He’s already shown how dangerous he can be for what he did to Reeva.” said Gavin Venter, ex-jocky and family friend, referring to Pistorius.

“She was an angel, she was so soft, so innocent. Such a lovely person. It’s just sad that this could happen to somebody so good,”

%TNT Magazine% reeva steenkamp funeral
Mike Steenkamp, Reeva Steenkamp’s uncle and Reeva’s brother Adam

Speaking to reporters, Steenkamp’s brother Adam said: “There’s a space missing inside all the people that she knew that can’t be filled again. We are going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister. We will miss her.”

%TNT Magazine% Francios Hougaard at Reeva Steenkamps memorial service
Rugby player Francios Hougaard at Reeva Steenkamp’s memorial service

“It was a total shock. It is only sinking in right now,” said former high school classmate Bongiwe Gaxamba.

%TNT Magazine% Reeva Steenkamp shot dead Oscar Pistorius

Steenkamp was due to give an inspirational speech on Valentine’s Day last week to kids at Sandown High School, telling them about her background coming from a humble country background and her experience in an abusive relationship. The notes for the speech were published by the Evening Standard.

The frank and candid speech prompts, shown below, were also published in the Daily Mail:

Who received flowers/chocolates/cards/messages/tweets/etc today (February 14) for valentines day.

Tell them what I received, make a small joke about this. And then tell them that receiving those things is very special but not receiving anything doesn’t define you as a person or make you less valued!!!

1. I was raised on a small farm just outside of Cape Town. In a way I was blessed and privileged to be away from the pressures of city life and I grew up to appreciate the simpler things above the superficial.

2. I will chat about life on the farm, having no money but being blessed with amazing parents who never allowed me to be aware of my circumstances. Some “looking back now” points somewhere after this would fit in.

3. After moving to PE and deciding to study Law despite our financial situation, I worked hard to be acknowledged as one of the top 15% academics at university so that my studies could be 80% covered by bursaries and I worked to pay off the rest.

4. I broke my back towards the end of varsity. Learnt mobility again and made a massive life decision with regards to my career. I will elaborate on this part of my journey.

5. I was in an abusive relationship at the same time (his mother used to abuse him) and all together these factors encouraged my move to Jozi.

6. Despite my height disadvantage and the difficulty in general of breaking into the modeling industry, I put my head down and worked hard towards my dream.

7. I lost a lot of self worth during my last year in PE before I moved to Jozi and it took some serious soul searching to remind myself of my value in this world.

8. Being loved by others, although an amazing feeling to have the appreciation of others, does not define your place in the world.

9. Accept who you are. Acknowledge your absolute “CAN DOS” in life and work on your “MAYBES” so that you can be a better person for the ultimate upliftment of those around you.

10. No matter how many people say that they “love” you, if you do not love your person then you will never step outside of the physical you. The physical you can only do so much if your mental you is lost inside of all the confusion.

11. Be brave. Always see the positive. Make your voice heard. Your physical seen. And the presence of your mental you felt. Its that culmination of your person that will leave a legacy and uplift.

12. I hope that you have the most amazing Valentines Day and that you are spoilt with love and roses and chocolates. Go home and tell your parents, siblings, neighbours that they are appreciated.

You will go to bed with a happy heart and open mind for the future.

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