Sitting next to drunk passengers has overtaken unruly children in the nation’s list of ‘plane annoying’ behaviour, according to new research from

This year, 1,800 UK adults who had flown abroad picked drunk passengers (64%) ahead of crying children (62%) as their top aeroplane annoyances. Other in-flight irritations include rude cabin crew, poor quality in-flight meals and chatty fellow passengers.

Check out the top 10 complaints below: 

Drunk passengers: 65 %
Unruly or crying children 64%
Rude cabin crew 49%
A poor quality in-flight meal 39%
A chatty stranger sitting in the next seat 38%
Sitting next to a stranger who tries to chat me up 19%
Finding out that other passengers paid a lot less for their ticket 18%
Other passengers getting a free upgrade to first/premium/business class 18%



“Anyone who’s flown will recognise some, if not all, of the plane annoying behaviours,” comments Caroline Lloyd from Gocompare. “In the confined space of an aeroplane, there’s little room for inconsiderate behaviour – be it rowdy or over-friendly behaviour by fellow passengers or rudeness by flight attendants.”