Cat crazy entrepreneur, Thomas Vles, has cycled more than 300 miles from Amsterdam to London with his two cats, Mushi and Cheesy in a ‘Kittymobile.’

Inspired by the Popemobile, the custom made ‘Kittymobile’ was specially converted from a traditional Dutch bakfiets bicycle for the journey which was undertaken to launch new pet brand Poopy Cat to Brits. 

To keep Mushi and Cheesy entertained while in the Kittymobile, Thomas included BLOCKS cat playhouse, designed to stimulate mental and physical activity for cats in smaller spaces, such as London and urban living in the UK. There’s also a hygienic, disposable, biodegradable Poopy Cat litter box for when nature calls. 

Poopy Cat launched in December 2014 in the Netherlands via the world’s first cat pop group, the Poopy Cat Dolls – their hit ‘Do you want my purr purr’ – went viral. A video of the Poopy Cat Head Office, where the cats live permanently, recently secured global media attention with more than 1.2 million YouTube views.

Check out the video below!