We love a bit of fancy dress here at TNT Towers. If we had our way, we would spend our desk days dressed as a variety of animals, food and superheroes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a favourite).

In lieu of this, we have decided to throw a huge themed shindig for our upcoming big 3-0. And, as we are always thinking of our readers, the kind souls that we are, we figured you’re probably missing the sea and sand of home, so we are having a beach party.

“We’ll be looking for the most imaginative takes on our theme and will give the best a suitably awesome reward,” our Ed, Laura Chubb, explains. Think chilled-out beach BBQ with your mates. “You have to be in it to win it – as no one says – so get thinking and bring your game on down to Koko on July 28,” Chubb adds. Tickets are £15 from tickets.sealeveltour.com.

Of course we are not holding the only themed event in town (although it’ll be the best one, say we). Here’s a round-up of where else to go and look ridiculous.

%TNT Magazine% black white vintage dres up

Get your glad rags on

The event: All aboard the SS Atlantica for a 1930s cruise in all its splendour. Set sail on July 27 for a decadent night of cabaret acts, live bands and Champagne-fuelled lindy hop. 

The outfit: “The dress code is ‘at-sea formal-wear’,” Andria Stiring,CEO of event organisers Bourne and Hollingsworth, says. “Gentlemen should emulate the starched collar and immaculate dinner suit of an Agatha Christie villain, and ladies can take their inspiration from the silk and fur ensembles worn by stars of the silver screen.” Head for your nearest vintage store, or try fairygodmother.co.uk for a good selection of classic 1930s costumes.

%TNT Magazine% FrightFest 2012 Julie Edwards 020

Prepare to scare

The event: Film4’s FrightFest brings blood and gore courtesy of horror film screenings at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square from August 22-26.

The outfit: “There’s been a long tradition of people dressing up for FrightFest – from zombies and Pinheads, to a platoon of Darth Vadars,” co-director of the festival, Greg Day says. “It’s five days of fearsome fun and everyone connects in a spirit of like-mindedness.” To really go all out, take a special effects workshop at Horror Makeup FX in Camden to learn how to create realistic-looking bullet wounds, burns, slit throats and more.

%TNT Magazine% Great Gorilla Run karate Tower Bridge hr

Monkey around

The event: The 7k Great Gorilla Run on September 21 raises money for, you guessed it, gorillas, and you have to dress up as, you guessed it again you clever lot, cows (not really – it’s gorillas). “The Great Gorilla Run is easily the most fun event happening for conservation anywhere in the world,” David Hewitt, communications manager at The Gorilla Organization explains. “Hundreds of runners dress up and go ape for the day to save an iconic species from extinction.” 

The outfit: As part of your £80 registration fee you receive a full gorilla costume, which you can customise as you wish (tutus, inflatable bananas etc), use to help with your fundraising and, best of all, you get to keep it!


Photos: Getty & supplied