Prime minister David Cameron will hoist the flag of St George over No 10 during the football World Cup in South Africa.

The Union Flag is normally flown above Downing Street but the new PM has vowed to show his support for the national team when the tournament begins.

In a bid to get some footie chants going in Parliament, Dave rallied: “I am sure that everyone in this House, no matter what part of the United Kingdom they come from, will be cheering ‘come on England’.”

The prime minister went out of his way to assure MPs that the move would not cost anything, saying:

“There was some question that this was going to have a cost impact but I have managed to cut through that and I can say, at no additional cost to the taxpayer, the flag of St George will fly above Downing Street during the World Cup.”

We take it that just means that Dave’s paying for his own England flag. That’ll get the country out of its debt crisis then.

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